Sisters Fine Arts

Sisters Fine Arts

The sisters Christine, Grace and Aurelia
Thank you for stopping by! Creativity comes in many forms, and we have been given a unique gift by God to create, as He created us from the beginning of time. Sisters Fine Arts is a divine gift given to three sisters: Christine Tyler, Aurelia Schanzenbacher, and Grace Akana to create together and offer our artistic gifts and skills to inspire other artists and to share with the outside community. We’ve been given the gift to create, and we want to spread the gift of creativity to others.
We were not always creatives. We all live in different states. While visiting in Hawaii, 2018, we decided to spend time together drawing.  Since then, we have created together online creating, combining our efforts in establishing “Sisters Fine Arts” Website, and starting a ministry together.  As a team, we recently started a Facebook Group that is open to all creatives in all genres, as well as there are several projects in the works that are focused on community outreach.
With this website, we’ve created online art resources, as well as video instructions, online eBooks, art challenges, podcasts, artists tips and weekly posts to keep you updated on what’s going on with the Sisters. Feel free to take a look at our art portfolio where we offer art pieces for purchase. So that we don’t stay strangers, we invite you to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter 

Christine Tyler

Christine Tyler – wife, mother, grandmother, creative. 

Christine Tyler is the youngest sister of the artists. Christine lives in Wimberley which is in the Hill Country of Texas. She has always had a passion for creating, this is what she dreamt about doing while working her career in health and safety. When she joined “Created to Thrive” by Matt Tommy, she realized that she now loved art more than her current career. She stepped out towards a creative path full time. She is blessed to have the support of her loving husband and God’s given courage to create full time. Her passions include: family, faith ministry, painting, and cooking. Both of her sisters are artists and you can find them on their Facebook Group Fine Art Spot.

Aurelia Ann Schanzenbacher

Aurelia Schanzenbacher is the oldest sister artist of Sisters Fine Arts residing in Southern Oregon, USA. She has been a photographer for ten years and an artist for three years. The switch to an artist was the desire to paint/draw the photographs taken throughout her travels. Art has given her the ability to experiment in all the different mediums to include oils, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolors, color pencils and digital artistry. She also enjoys quick drawings and has made a concerted effort to draw daily using oil pastels, watercolor pencils or ink. When using ink, her final process is throwing splashes of watercolor on the art piece.

Grace Akana

Grace Akana is the middle sister of the three sisters.  Grace lives on the lovely island of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii is a great  place for inspiration with its abundance of art galleries, beaches and tropical landscapes. Her art interests is drawing with ink and watercolor, or with color pencils.  She enjoys spontaneously drawing of what she sees around  Hawaii. It gives Grace an opportunity to create urban sketches and record daily life in Hawaii.

In the forty years of being in Hawaii, Grace has been fortunate in associating with artists in the community.  At a young age, being an artist came naturally for her.  Grace’s most memorable event was sculpturing  with clay, and later being selected to display her art piece at California State University, Dominguez Hills. When she is not drawing, Grace is  working as a Massage Therapist/Esthetician, giving aromatherapy treatments, hanging out with my spouse, spending time with her French Bull dog, and playing ukulele and classical guitar.  Her hopes is to eventually retire and  pursue her art interest full-time.