I invite you to join me in a journey into art, photography and prose. Part of this journey will include photo challenges, exploring color pencil art, acrylics, watercolor, sketching or drawing. My hopes is that through this process, you and I will emergence as an artist. Your welcome to follow me and post your art pieces or photos as I will be posting weekly. This blog will include podcasts, YouTube videos of artists I follow, online instructions from teachers, and challenge themes.

Hello, my name is Ann. I am a wife, grandmother (10 grandchildren), photographer and an aspiring artist. I am also an avid reader who is active in 3 book clubs. When I am not engrossed in the aforementioned, I am cheering for my favorite sports teams. I enjoy football, hockey, soccer and baseball…so be forewarned…you might see me cheering for my favorite team once in awhile.

I wasn’t always a photographer or artist, but when I decided to move to Southern Oregon, I fell in love with the beauty of this state. There is so much to see and do: waterfalls, hikes, wildlife, lakes, rivers, etc., with numerous opportunities to take photos or draw/paint what I see. I took up art because I wanted to paint or draw what I photographed. It’s been 6 months and I’ve explored acrylics, color pencil art and watercolors. I see some improvement, but I enjoy moving back in forth between the different medias.

When I am not doing my new found art, I part-time teach in our local schools. I’ve since retired from my old career of being a Human Resources professional. I am loving retirement and admiring the art I create!

I blogged many years ago, but with a full-time career, wife and mom, my blogging lagged until I finally it went to the wayside. In fact, I still have my old blog up, but alas, I can’t sign in so my blog gunterandann.blogspot.com/ lies dormant in cyberspace.
The purpose for this renewed desire to start a blog again, is to reintroduce my passion for photography and to grow as an artist. In fact, here is a few pics just hanging in my art space. Not much to look since I am aspiring to get great!

For those who follow me, thank you for stopping in. I hope your day will be blessed!