Painting Light using Color Pencil.

I finished 2 small 5 x 7 art pieces following a book called Painting Light with Color Pencil by Cecile Baird. The little kiwi and cantalope fruit demonstration is nothing to get too excited about. It’s was a practice piece, but it allowed me to work on different paper: Canson XL Bristol Smooth and Strathmore cold press 400lb water paper. In my opinion, stay away from the watercolor. Too toothy. It was hard to cover the paper.

The book has 21 easy to follow still life demonstrations that captures light. The author also has a great section on use of drawing tools, colored pencil techniques, the process of drawing. If you are in the beginning stages of using Color pencils, I recommend following along with the demonstrations.

Completed using Canson XL Bristol Vellum Smooth

Completed using Strathmore 400lb Water Paper (notice the toothiness). I tried using a liquid blender and I had problems covering the tooth of the paper.  Probably better to use Watercolor first then use the Color Pencil on top.

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