Artists Get on the Instagram Band Wagon

Well after listening to a weekly podcast, Artists Helping Artists, hosted by Leslie Saeta, I decided to start an Instagram account. I won’t go into depth about Artists Helping Artists other than to recommend her podcast if you are an inspiring or professional artist. Leslie has several podcasts, which will take me a year to finish if I listen to one podcast a day. However, periodically I’ll post a few tidbits in future posts. Otherwise, I recommend you check out Artists Helping Artists, especially Leslie’s podcast , “Important Things I Learned About Instagram That Every Artist Needs to Do Now.”

So your probably saying, “Why do I need to be on Instagram”? Well, from Instagram’s visual nature, ease of use and social media population, Instagram might be just the way to get exposure leading to business opportunities.

Here is what I learned about why, as an Artist, I should jump on the Instagram wagon.

1. It’s a Massive Social Media World

Instagram has over 1 billion active users daily and it is one of the most active social networks in the world. That’s a massive number of participants to potentially view my art. Instagram even has a Search & Explore section where art collectors can scope out art by searching for hashtags.

2. It’s Perfectly in Line with Artists Talent

Instagram is primarily a visual platform, which means it is absolutely perfect for growing artists and art professionals. It allows art and imagery to show through in the purest forms. In addition, there are apps available which assist in showcasing art. What is even better, words aren’t even necessary so there is nothing to take away from showing an artist work. Instagram is built to visually socially-engage the viewer so people can easily follow along. An artist can tell their story, share their inspirations, disclose snippets of their creative process without words.

3. It’s Quick and Easy to Use

The Instagram platform requires no computer and from a mobile device he/she can post as little as once a day, or story snippets throughout the day. If one doesn’t have access to a mobile device, there are now computer apps allowing upload from the computer. If your on the go , all that is needed is a smart phone with a decent camera and of course, some inspiration. Just snap a photo of your work or what you are doing for the day, and use Instagram’s built-in editing tools, think up a caption and post. Just think, you can take walks, go the beach or take an instant phone camera on vacation. How convenient is that!

4. It’s a Way to Show People Art in the Making or a Slice of Life

While Twitter posts read more like sound bites and Facebook is more of a personal platform, Instagram is a combination of both art and an artist’s life! It can be an intimate photo diary, you can share studio shots, 15 second videos of your work, works in progress, textures and scenery that are inspirational, close ups of art, hangings of art, or hangings in galleries or in a collector’s home. The world just opened up from a small studio to worldwide endless possibilities!

5. It’s a Land of New Opportunity

In addition to sales, “artists are getting commissions, invitations to participate in shows or exhibitions, offers to use their art for commercial purposes, and more exposure. Having an Instagram account is not about posting your art, it’s also about interaction and building your audience. The more active an artist is on Instagram, the higher the return. You never know where a well-crafted, active Instagram account can lead to. So, always be ready to respond to direct messages about your art, have packing materials and a payment system at the ready, and never stop creating.

Well hopefully, if you haven’t started your Instagram account, or your account is stagnant, I’ve gotten you excited to take the Instagram challenge...just keep creating, sign up on Instagram, post your art, and interact as much as possible! I KNOW I WILL!

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