What Do You Believe – Aurelia Schanzenbacher Sisters Fine Arts Print

What Do You Believe – Aurelia Schanzenbacher Sisters Fine Arts – Canvas

Source: What Do You Believe – Aurelia Schanzenbacher Sisters Fine Arts Print

Protest Poster. Created since there was so much discrepancy with news media during Covid-19. The message is: Believe only what you see since you cant always believe what you hear.

Protest art is the creative works produced by activists and social movements. It is a means of communication to arouse the emotions and persuade a selected audience of citizens to make social changes. Protest art may increase the climate of tension and create new opportunities to dissent. Since art, unlike other forms of dissent, take few financial resources, less financially able groups and parties can rely more on performance art and street art as an affordable tactic.

Protest art is a tool to form social consciousness, create networks, operate accessibly to those in need, and a cost-effective means of communication. Social movements produce such works as the signs, banners, posters, and other printed materials used to convey a particular cause or message, sometimes used as a part of demonstrations. The various symbols or sayings sometimes become adopted as a long-term defining social movement icons.

Protest art also includes (but is not limited to) performance, site-specific installations, graffiti and street art, and crosses the boundaries of Visual arts genres, media, and disciplines. While One does not need extensive knowledge of art to create or embrace social movement. Protest artists frequently bypass the art-world institutions and commercial gallery system in an attempt to reach a wider audience.

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