A. Schanzenbacher, Artist

Thank you for visiting Sister Fine Arts and Aurelia (Ann) Schanzenbacher’s page. Aurelia Schanzenbacher is the oldest sister artist of Sisters Fine Arts residing in Southern Oregon, USA. She has been a photographer for ten years and an artist for three years. The switch to an artist was the desire to paint/draw the photographs taken throughout her travels. Art has given her the ability to experiment in all the different mediums to include oils, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolors, color pencils and digital artistry. She also enjoys quick drawings and has made a concerted effort to draw daily using oil pastels, watercolor pencils or ink. When using ink, her final process is throwing splashes of watercolor on the art piece.

She wasn’t always a photographer or artist; however, once she moved to Southern Oregon she fell in love with the beauty of this state. Because Oregon provides unique landscapes, and a prevalence of wildlife, the environment gives her the inspiration to create art.

At the moment, Aurelia is transitioning Helping Hands, a non-profit organization dedicated to training the underprivileged, seniors and veterans in technology. She and her sisters would like to expand the training to art instruction.

Aurelia administer’s a Facebook Group Fine Art Spot: Collective Group of Artist. She has a desire to assist artists as they become renowned in their craft and would like to encourage artists as they build their portfolio.  The Fine Art Collective is a mix of all art genre’s and open to art lovers and artists. We would love to have you join in getting inspired by the artists and possibly sharing your artistic talent with us.

To join her Facebook ART LOVERS GROUP Fine Art Spot join here. Share your passion of Art!

Aurelia offers original art pieces, prints on various materials and merchandise through her merchant accounts. If you are interested in any original artwork, or would like commission work done, feel free to contact Aurelia at sisterfinearts@gmail.com

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