Choosing an art medium and being a Facebook addict artist

I think there should be FAA (Facebook Anonymous Addicts) for artists!  There are just too many art groups online, and for an aspiring beginning artist who is trying to decide what medium is best for my personality, I am finding that I want to join all of the art groups. There are acrylic groups, painting groups, pastel groups, sketching groups, color pencil artist groups, beginning groups, marketing groups, tattoo groups, ink and pencil groups, gouache group, graphite groups,  etc.  There are so many Facebook groups with great examples of art that it is hard to specialize in one art medium when all the art mediums are appealing.   Unfortunately, art supplies are expensive so I must make a concerted effort to decide what medium I should concentrate on.

Here is what I know about myself as an artist: 1) I am impatient; 2) I need quiet time to complete my projects; 3) I seek stress relief; 3) mess, clutter and stuff all over the place gives me anxiety 4) love spontaneity; 5) enjoy pieces with lots of color; 6) need to work in chunks of time; 6) want my art supplies to be simple; and 7) I like to change from realistic and loose/impressionist artwork.   To date, I have tried acrylics, color pencil art, sketching with pencils and inks and watercolors.  I’ve painted and drawn on canvas, rocks, hot and cold watercolor paper, drafting paper and sketchbooks. Here is are my conclusions on what art I like to do!

  • Sketching and watercolor in sketchbooks and journals- feeds my spontaneity, it’s easy and portable—so I can get into Urban Sketching and 15 – 30 minute short thematic sketching
  • Color Pencil Art – Allows me to work in chunks of time, supplies are simple, and it’s portable.
  • Inks, markers and watercolors/watercolor pencils: combines spontaneity, lots of color and doesn’t make all the mess that acrylics, pastels and charcoal does.
  • Acrylics – Although I don’t like the mess, I will use acrylics occasionally. I do like all the bright colors and the impressionistic or expressionism painting. Acrylic probably my least favorite to use, but I can play on huge canvasses.
  • Watercolors – I’ve not used watercolors in it’s pure form other than in sketching, but have used watercolor pencils.  I love the translucency of the art form…just need to do some practice pieces.

So where I am going with this?  I thought I would share a few pieces (some you’ve seen, sorry) so you can suggest what I might be good at.  Remember, I am still a beginner, but hopefully you might give me suggestions on where my focus should be…or is it okay to be a artist of all trades.  Is that what creativity is all about?





Color Pencil and Watercolor Pencil



Sketching with Watercolors, Markers and Pen




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The Art Apprentice – Facebook go to for Aspiring Artists

I’ve not had a chance to continue my work on my new piece…a flamingo. I scrambled to come up with 2 entries for color pencil and the bird category.  The pieces I entered are an illustrative nature piece and an old 5×7 owl eyes piece; however, I think the owl eyes  look “scary”.  Nonetheless, I am continuing on the flamingo for the upcoming fair in September. Below is my work in progress and my scary owl eyes.  I’ll post my finished flamingo piece in a future post.


Owl photo reference obtained from photographer, Terence Porter

What’s exciting though, is an opportunity to moderate a new Facebook Page called The Art Apprenctice. What makes it exciting is that this group has 3000+ categorized tutorials all in one place. The artist Kim Holden, is spending endless hours searching the web for tutorials and plopping it in one group! I promised myself though, that I would spend less time on Facebook and do more art.  However, there is a plus to looking at more art, I’m able to look at art critically and see the values, contrasts, perspectives, etc.  So..if you are an aspiring artist like myself, I encourage you to join the group and peruse the site for a tutorial and an artist you might want to follow.  Hope to see you there!




Bird featured by clothing store

Who would have known that my little bird below would impress to ask to use it on the design of a T-shirt. offers contemporary clothing, jewelry and skin care. If you have a chance check it out. I completed the little bird while substitute teaching at one of the local high schools. It isn’t the best cropped picture of the art piece, but used it anyway. Art is a new passion for me and I never thought much about using it on items. But with the ability to print just about anything on merchandise, might consider other options. Having the little bird on the T-shirt is a nice reminder of why I should continue my journey through art. Hope you like it!

Arteza 72 Expert Color Pencils and Drafting Film


I was on vacation recently and decided to try the new Arteza Expert 72 Color Pencils. Arteza is a fairly new art supply company, that is rolling out impressive budget art materials. I bought the pencils at a bargain sale price of $20.00 and couldn’t resist adding them to my supply of colored pencils. The Company considers Arteza Expert 72 Colored Pencils artist grade, and the pencils have a lightfast rating printed on each individual pencil. I was pleased with the pigment saturation and the variety of colors. There are a nice variety of green pigmented pencils, but the pencils are lacking in selection of reds. Since these are wax based pencils, I was pleased how smoothly these color pencils went down on the paper; moreover, the pencils layered well.

For my work in progress piece, I decided to use drafting film. Artist Karen Hull creates fabulous color pencil art using drafting film. You can buy drafting film from Dick Blick or Amazon. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using drafting film:
Advantages: cleanly erases; can use both sides of the matte film; complete art pieces with fewer layers.
Disadvantages: less toothier so select your final colors before laying them down; smudges easily

I’ve included a work in progress art piece using Grafix Matte 0.005 Dura-Lar Film, 9-Inch by 12-Inch, 25 Sheets and Arteza Color 72 Expert Color Pencils. I’ll obtain richer colors when I turn the drafting film around and add color to the reverse side. However, I was pleased with Arteza pigmentation and the layering ability.

2018-07-13 16676219034..jpg