School Art

I’ve been in school the last few weeks taking an advanced art class. We were suppose to finish the art class with an art gallery, but due to the COVID-19 virus, it was cancelled to be safe. These are the pieces, I would have had in the gallery.

Artists Studies

The Sketching Everyday Group on Facebook is doing artists studies for the month of January. However, during the year, the group includes a few artists studies a week with their daily art prompts. The group usually takes a break for one month during the year to do an alphabet project for our choosing.

I enjoy the artists studies, since it gives me an opportunity to learn about the artist, study their compositions, and see what is popular in the art world. Doing artists studies, also inspires me to develop my own style using different art mediums, and teaches me how to look critically at my own art pieces. Below are my sample drawings inspired from artists as renditions of their painting, or are similar in their style with a few of additions of my style or twists.

Wow, it’s been a year!

Well it’s been a year since I’ve posted. The website has been revamped and changed to the “Sister’s Fine Arts” and is co-owned by my two sisters: Christine and Grace.  My sister, Christine has opened a gallery and will now provide training.  I am working on my own plans for training materials.  But, it’s coming along slowly.  Since I’ve last posted, I have expanded my paintings to Oil pastels and inking.  I’ve continued my sketching prompts, but not as consistently since I’ve been busy.  I really enjoy oil pastels for the intense colors, and it’s the perfect transition to oil painting and oil sticks.  Nonetheless, I really enjoy spontaneous drawing doing inking and watercolor.  Stay tuned, since we will be adding a portfolio to this website.  Hope you enjoy my pastel painting.  It’s an artist study of a piece from Isabel Le Roux.  I used 30 year old Xenox oil pastels using Mineral Spirits to blend and spread. I couldn’t believe the oils were still good. img_20191003_003639-01