Orangutan and Giraffe photos and…a hawk

I’ve been gone a couple of weeks babysitting my grandchildren and while I was gone, took a few pictures while out at the Sacramento, CA zoo. My favorites are always the giraffes and the primates.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t a planned outing and the temperatures after midday was in the 90’s, so I rushed through the zoo and took only a minuscule amount of pictures.  Nonetheless, I thought I would share a few photos with you!  You may use them for traditional art, but unfortunately, not for digital art.

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Brittanys, DC Alar Sky Dancer & CH Maximum Bet

I forgot to mention that I have 5 American Brittanys.  These are my children at the moment, and my pride and joy.   I have 2 older senior dogs one is 13 and 14.  DC AlarSky Dancer is a liver colored Brittany that is AKC Dual Champion and is co-owned by Jessica Carlson of Alar Brittanys.   I call Sky, Fannie Sky since she wiggles her butt.  Jessica is a professional dog handler and also photographer who specializes in finishing Brittany’s.  My other Brittany is CH Maximum Bet or Maxine.  She was our first Brittany and has bred a number of champions and dual champions as well. Here are a few pics of Sky.  As I said, a few of them were taken by Jessica Carlson  Pictures were taken by Jessica as well as a few by me…  The orange Brittany is Maxine who is now 14.


SkyeOct06KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFB_IMG_1514689391962FB_IMG_1514689383673_IGP9024

MaxineSofaCloseMaxineMaxine taking restGood maxine