Grace Akana, Artist

Grace Akana

Hi! My name is Grace and I live on the lovely island of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii is a great  place for inspiration with its abundance of art galleries, beaches and tropical landscapes. My art interests is drawing with ink and watercolor, or with color pencils.  I enjoy spontaneously drawing what I see around me, which gives me an opportunity to create urban sketches and record daily life in Hawaii.

In the forty years of being in Hawaii, I’ve been fortunate in associating with artists in the community.  At a young age, being an artist came naturally for me. My most memorable event was sculpturing  with clay, and later being selected to display my piece at California State University, Dominguez Hills. When I am not drawing, I am working as a Massage Therapist/Esthetician, giving aromatherapy treatments, hanging out with my spouse, spending time with my French Bull dog, and playing ukulele and classical guitar.  My hopes is to eventually retire and  pursue my art interest full-time.