Christine Tyler Artist

Guardian Angel, Artist Christine Tyler

Christine Tyler lives in Texas. She became a full time artist after leaving a career as a Health & Safety Specialist. Besides art, her other passions are her family and faith. Her works are shown at Art on 12, a Art Gallery in Wimberley, Texas. She runs a Facebook Fine Art Spot Group, and has started a Scripture Podcast. Her mottos are ACTION and LIVE LIFE!

Christine Tyler at ARTon12 Gallery, Wimberley, TX.

If you wish to view and purchase her artwork originals, prints, clothing, household art, it is found on Pixels.

Masks available through merchant account.

Here is are samples of Face Masks available for sale from my merchant account. There are many more available as well. Although these are not surgical grade, CDC recommends the use of masks.

School Art

I’ve been in school the last few weeks taking an advanced art class. We were suppose to finish the art class with an art gallery, but due to the COVID-19 virus, it was cancelled to be safe. These are the pieces, I would have had in the gallery.

New Group – Fine Art Spot

I started a Facebook Group that will incorporate some of my art style. After doing a search, I noticed that there was a shortage of Facebook groups that offered expressionistic, modern and abstract art. Granted, I enjoy traditional impressionistic and pre-century art styles, but I seem to be doing varies styles and mixing different art mediums, or focusing on a mix of traditional and modern art…but not to the extreme that the art is abstract. Therefore, to meet my own needs and to open the group to others, Art Spot was created. If you are on Facebook, we would love to have you join us. The link is listed below:

Facebook Fine Art Spot

Here is the intro to the group

“This is a group for artists and photographers of all mediums (ink, watercolor, pastels, oils, acrylics, charcoal, graphite, digital, mixed media, urban sketching, etc) whose focus is on expressionism, modern art, abstract and digital/photo art. We created this group for those artists and photographers who like to play around with different styles, different colors through mood play, expressionism and art “outside the box”. Be yourself, playing with any medium you want. Use black and white, crazy colors or mix all the mediums together! Creating art can be through traditional mediums or digitally using technology. It is a safe place to ask questions, share ideas, get inspired, and make connections. This is a group for all levels of artists (from beginners to professionals). What we share is a desire to move forward with our art and to help others do the same. We believe that we are all on the same path – some are just ahead and more experienced, while others, are just starting out – but we are all striving to be artistic. We look to those who are experienced to guide us, and we reach out a hand to those who are less experienced. We greet each other with kindness and understanding with positive input, and we expect others to do the same for us. Thanks for joining us! We are so glad you’re here!”

Hope you are as excited as I am, and you’ll join us!

Music Instruments

Working on a new project of musical instruments. These watercolor pieces are completed on 9×12 rough watercolor paper and will be available for purchase as prints and products on my merchant account with Fine Arts America and Pixels. Completed the saxophone and had fun changing it to a digital abstract using Topaz Studio 2 AI photo-software. After using this software it has inspired me to take out my camera and start taking photographs again!

Calling this “Tractor Display”

I added a few touches to an art study I completed while attending a painting class at the local college. I pondered whether I was going to Gesso the canvas board, then repaint another scene. As an afterthought…after staring at this painting much too long, I decide to capture the essence of country living by adding “county fair” theme. Here is the final product with tractor and corn stalks. It’s a perfect painting for someone whose decor is vintage or country, or someone who likes tractors. Nontheless, it’s for purchase. Below is the before and the after. You can see other paintings and photographs by visiting Fine Arts America/Pixels.

Work in Progress – Oil painting

A work in progress. I decided to try using oil paints since it is similar to Acrylics. I love the ability to walk away from the painting and come back to blend the paints. When using acrylics, you have a limited time to move the paints around since the paints dry so quickly. More so when you live in the high desert of Oregon.

I am using a mixture of Zen oil paints , their Infinity oil palette set, which the owner claims in non-toxic, and 12 Shades of Grey oil paints that I purchased at Jerry Artarama art store. Both decent oil paints with deep pigments. I also purchased a few tubes of water soluble paints from Windsor Newton. Makes for great clean-up with soap and water. So that I don’t have to use turpentine for brush clean up, I found out that I can clean the traditional oil paints with oil (vegetable or olive oil) and follow up with dish soap.