What’s your story? How did you start your art or photo journey?

It was last year that I decided to try my hand at art. My husband said I needed to retire and find somthing to do. He knew that I had been dragging my art supplies 20+ years every time I moved and I kept saying I wanted to paint my pictures (see some of my photos).  The problem was, I didnt know which medium to try. I have watercolors, oil tubes, acrylic tubes, pastels and sketch pencils. I wanted to try them all, but didnt want to be a jack of all trades. I went to the local library and “ohhhhed and ahhhhed” at all the the great library books. I had no idea what mixed media was so I borrowed a book called Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink by Ohl, Jodi. The book was insightful since it took an approach to mixed media, and introduced me to types of materials, paint mixing, priming the canvas, and the painting process. The book also demonstrated the use of ink (which I had no idea that you could pour ink), with acrylics. I highly recommend the book. The painting was my rendition of the demonstartion from the book. It’s 11×14 canvas board and Daler Rowney Acrylic Sampler to complete the painting.  Although I am sure you can use any acrylic paints. I didnt have pourable ink for the splatters, so I used acrylic for the splatters and a marker to define the buildings.

Unfortunately, I am a messy painter so I look just like the canvas. Rarely do I take out my brushes, but I will when I want to finish a piece in a few hours.  Since then, I have switched to Color Pencil art, which is a slow medium,  with an occasional visit back to acrylics.  I am a little impatient so it’s nice to get a piece done quickly in acrylic paints.  I only came across the color pencil when I saw a painting that  looked similar to watercolor.  I did a few Facebook searches and found amazing artists in the medium.  It’s been a difficult for the media to make it’s impact in the art world, but the community of artists have grown to respect the artists who choose to work with color pencil.

If you get the book, feel free to post your painting demonstrations. I would love to see them.  Also, I would also love to hear your story!




Brittanys, DC Alar Sky Dancer & CH Maximum Bet

I forgot to mention that I have 5 American Brittanys.  These are my children at the moment, and my pride and joy.   I have 2 older senior dogs one is 13 and 14.  DC AlarSky Dancer is a liver colored Brittany that is AKC Dual Champion and is co-owned by Jessica Carlson of Alar Brittanys.   I call Sky, Fannie Sky since she wiggles her butt.  Jessica is a professional dog handler and also photographer who specializes in finishing Brittany’s.  My other Brittany is CH Maximum Bet or Maxine.  She was our first Brittany and has bred a number of champions and dual champions as well. Here are a few pics of Sky.  As I said, a few of them were taken by Jessica Carlson  Pictures were taken by Jessica as well as a few by me…  The orange Brittany is Maxine who is now 14.


SkyeOct06KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFB_IMG_1514689391962FB_IMG_1514689383673_IGP9024

MaxineSofaCloseMaxineMaxine taking restGood maxine